Innovation in cosmetic products with Sargassam sp.


  • Bhoomi Shah Phd scholar


Sargassum swartzii C. Agardh,, Sargassum tenerrimum J. Agardh,, Sargassum linearifolium (Turner) C. Agardh, oxidizing enzyme, Innovation


Marine algae are considered to be a rich source of bioactive substances with potential for cosmeceutical use. The health-promoting effects of marine bioactive compounds and biomaterials for their numerous skin-beneficial qualities, including skin anti-aging properties, had received a lot of attention recently. Kim et al., 2018 said that Marine bioactive carbohydrates have a variety of biological functions and possible advantages for skin health. 43 native marine algae were studied by Cha et al., 2011 for potential novel skin-whitening compounds. Fucoidan from Costaria costata revealed skin anti-aging activity in human foreskin fibroblasts, according to a Moon et al., 2008 The benefits of fucoidans for a variety of skin problems, including pigmentation, ageing skin, atopic dermatitis, and skin carcinogenesis, have been found in numerous studies. Our team is working with financial support of SSIP 2.0 to make a cosmetic product from see weed. During field study we have collected. Sargassum swartzii C. Agardh, Sargassum tenerrimum J.Agardh, Sargassum linearifolium (Turner) C. Agardh. We have done quantitative analysis of oxidizing enzyme in first phase of work.


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