Arbuscular mycorrhiza, Rhizospheric, Root colonization, Spore population, Tectona grandis


Arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) fungi are known to be well distributed and these fungi can be isolated from a wide variety of natural habitats and are particularly abundant in cultivated lands. Little work has been carried out regarding their distribution in Teak located in Dharwad district of Karnataka, India. A total of Thirty six arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) fungal spores were identified and the genera observed in the recovered spores are-Glomus, Acaulospora, Sclerocystis, Gigaspora, Scutellispora and Entrophospora. The highest AM fungal spore population was observed in Mavinakoppa and lowest in Holthikoti. Similarly, the highest AM fungal per cent root colonization in Mavinakoppa and lowest in Holthikoti. Glomus species is most predominant among the recorded AM fungal spores from rhizospheric soil of Tectona grandis?.


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