Extraction and characterization of vaccinium corrymbosum (Blueberry)


  • Musa Yahaya Abubakar Federal University Wukari
  • A.B.Adam Fedearl University Wukari
  • ama Fedearl University Wukari


: Extraction, dye, blueberry,Extraction methanol, uv-visible, FTIR


plants were regarded as high quality of source of dyes, The extracted dye was characterized using UV-Visible Spectrophotometry and FTIR Spectroscopy, UV-Visible analysis shows that the dye absorbed throughout the ultraviolet region and attained a maximum absorption at the concentration of 0.3 g/cm3, the FTIR displayed band in the regions of 3341.10, 2963.77, 1124.91, 1592.92 cm- attributed to O-H, C-H, C-O, and N-H respectively. The extracted dye produces a purple-red colored due to the presence of anthocyanin content of the dye. As the intensity of the dye increased the concentration also increased. Extracted dye could be used in coloring of foods, drugs, hair dye, cosmetics, handicraft objects and toys, and leather-based products.


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Yahaya Abubakar, M., Bilyamin Adam, A., & Shadrack Oryina, A. (2024). Extraction and characterization of vaccinium corrymbosum (Blueberry). INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY, 42. Retrieved from https://petsd.org/ojs/index.php/irjc/article/view/1748

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