F/4910/B.KANTHA Dt.16/02/2010
12A/645/2010-11 Dt.25/05/2011
80G(5)/542/10-11 Dt.13/06/2011
Branch Name: DANTA
Account No.: 31194183569
IFSC Code: SBIN0010956


DANTA – 385120,

1. Name of the TRUST: The name of the TRUST shall be “PAAVAN EDUCATION TRUST”

2. Registered office of the TRUST: DEVI VILLA, RAJ MAHEL ROAD,
DANTA- 385 12.
Ta. Danta, Dist. Banaskantha
(Gujarat - India)

Section 1
3. Vision: To bridge the education system and traditional knowledge

Section 2
4. Mission:
i. Achieving and sustaining Dynamism in providing Exemplary Education, Training, Research and Consultancy in the field of science and management
ii. By creating and fostering a conducive environment to develop the intellectual capacity, critical thinking, creativity and problem solving ability of the students so that they can compete, sustain and excel in the modern business world.
iii. To provide Quality Education, Medical Aid, Social Services, Water Conservation, Environment Conservation, Personality Development, Tribal Welfare and Calamities Aid.

Section 4
4. Aims:
The TRUST aims at producing well informed and well assured young children just the kind of children that our country needs.
Section 5
5. Objectives:
The TRUST shall be a voluntary, non-political, not related any casts, colours, regions and non-profit making social service organization established to promote education amongst educationally backward sections of TRUST. To remove educational backwardness, and create awareness about the national ideals of HERBAL CURES, INDIAT TRADITIONAL KNOWLEDGES,JUSTICE, LIBERTY, EQUALITY AND FRATERNITY AND DEMOCRACY, SECULARISM and SOCIALISM.
A. To provide education:
1) To open and run, educational and vocational schools, colleges or institutions, university, data bank to bring education within the reach of poor and backward children, in the India.Â
2) To provide libraries, develop and publish books, e media and CDs, study materials, audio and video aids on educational and research, cultural and social science, science subjects, organize discussions, seminars and conferences to impart knowledge and understanding amongst the people. To arrange establish and open libraries, reading rooms for the use of residents/members.Â
3) To provide hostels and residential accommodation that may be considered necessary for the students and for each member of the staff that may be made eligible for it.Â
4) To establish and maintain institutions for the handicapped and for adult education, like vocational training in vocations of household industry, semi-skilled jobs for self employment, short hand, computer and type-writing, social science, science, languages, fine arts, crafts, music, painting, modeling, physical training etc.Â
5) To provide the best education available in some of the best schools, colleges, universities in India. Emphasis would be on character building, self discipline and the development of the creative and social faculties.Â
6) To strive to meet changing need of providing comprehensive education to develop various facets of personality and to impart education to children on the most modern lines and provide an environment congenial to growth and development of the children.Â
7) To arrange and organize the social, cultural and educational programmes from time to time.
8) All the income, earning, movable and immovable properties of the TRUST shall be solely utilized and applied towards the promotion of its aim and objects only as set forth in the memorandum of association and no portion thereof shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly by way of dividends, bonus, profits or in any manner whatsoever to the present or past members of the TRUST or to any person claiming through any one or more of the present or the past members. No member of the TRUST shall have any personal claim on any moveable property of the TRUST or make any profit, whatsoever, by virtue of his/her membership.Â
9) To provide free meals, clothes, medicines and other needy things to the poor and needy, children of widows.
10) To make best efforts for creating mutual harmony, co-operation and love and affection amongst the residents.
11) To establish, manage, maintain and run Educational, vocational and Technical Institutions any where in India, in urban, rural and backward areas and/ or to provide financial assistance and other facilities to such institutions.Â
12) To promote dance, theatres, music, arts, songs, yoga, meditation, creativity of the dancers, artists, musicians, singers, poets, theatre persons and others related to any form of visual and performing arts, in particular young professionals through performance, seminars, talks and workshops and to achieve high degree of proficiency in various types of Indian Classical Dance forms.Â
13) To establish, manage maintain and run homes, institutions for the welfare and relief of the poor handicapped, old, orphans, widows etc. for their education / training in household and cottage industries.Â
14) To promote harmonious understanding and equal respect for all religions, cultures, races and ideologies and for that purposes to arrange cultural exchange programs, seminars, tours etc. and establish, manage maintain and run spiritual co-operative communities and institutes of inter cultural understanding.Â
15) To promote research in the study of Indian system of medicine, homeopathy, and nature cure etc. and ancient Indian culture.
16) To arrange all kinds of computation for students and for educator to their development and try to use herbal remedies in daily life problems and for that TRUST receive financial support from all granting agency.
17) To provide the study branches of life sciences and to provide opportunities for personal contacts between workers in above said subject.
18) To improve teaching and research in various branches of Life sciences.
19) To encourage research and publication activities and to create awareness, interest and importance of Life sciences.Â
20) To create public opinion in favour of the conservation of natural wealth, prevention of environmental pollution and to create concern over biomedical diseases of human society.
21) To establish and to run a Baby sitting, Pre-Nursery, Nursery, Primary and High School, College, Evening College, Technical Institutions, Audit Education, Commerce Education, Science Education, Computer Education in Hardware and Software Industrial Training Centre.
22) The Educational TRUST will emphasis on the establishment or Urnic, Religious and Social Institutions with Job oriented courses and paramedical Institute.
23) For the purpose of the association may establish educational institutions of different kinds of different levels as and when they are required.
24) To run Medical, Law, Engineering and School of Nursing, T.Ch., B.Ed., CBSC, ISC School and Residential Schools, etc,.
25) To provide facilities for recreation of members in athletic games sports and tournaments.
26) The educational TRUST conducts Dance, Drama and Yoga Classes.
27) The Income of the TRUST on by whatever means shall utilised for the objects of the TRUST and shall not be distributed among the members or anybody.
28) To develop and encourage all types of cultural and literary activities like Music, Literature, painting, Photography, Videography, Cinematography, Journalism Mass Communication and so on by opening educational and training institutions in above mentioned respective fields.
29) To provide for the association members, facilities for recreation and entertainment, such as outdoor and indoor games like Carrum, Chess, Cricket, Snooker, Biliards, skill games, etc,.
30) To provide for any incidental facilities that may be required by members.Â
31) To promote literacy, scientific, cultural and social improvement of all classes of community, of both sexes, by providing facilities for reading room. Library, concerts, lecturers, competitions and entertainment.
B. To provide facilities:
32) To take up the matter with the competent authorities for common interest of the residents for providing and or improving upon common facilities in the area like -Park, drainage, roads, street-lights, scavenging, water and electricity supplies, banking, post office, bus services facilities, community hall and Barat-Ghar, milk booth, health centre, rationing shop, mini-super bazaar, shopping facilities.
33) To offer facilities for physical, intellectual, Social and moral improvement of members in particulars and society in general.
34) To open Multi Gym, Swimming pool, Golf game stadium.
35) To arrange and organize social and cultural functions from time to time.
36) To make adequate arrangements for poor, widows and handicapped orphans, old aged and mentally retired persons.
37) To maintain run and construct Basti Vikas Kendra, Jan Suvidha Parisar, Roads, Foot Path, Anganvari, Libraries,child home, nurseries, all types of school- colleges, etc. with the help of concerned Government authorities for giving the education to the students, socially neglected people and children.
38) To approach the concerned authorities for redressal of grievances of members of TRUST.
39) To make correspondence in lawful manner to arrange meetings, conferences, with the concerned authorities.Â
40) To disseminate information of the Government Rules, policies, notifications among the members of the association.Â
41) To arrange services like sanitary fittings, plumber work, electrician work, security and sweeping etc. for the area.Â
42) To arrange and establish medical and charitable dispensaries.Â
43) To provide lectures by the expert team of the Doctors, Journalists, Lawyers and Professionals etc.Â
44) To help and assist poor and needy residents and their families during emergencies such as flood, war, earth-quack and rains, etc.
45) To receive and collect any gift, subscriptions and donations either in cash or in any kind or acquire by and other lawful ways and means and open the same in fulfilment of all or any other aims and objects of the TRUST, the income and property(s) of the TRUST shall be applied solely for promotion and fulfilment of the aims and objects of the TRUST. If any person wants to contribute, donate or give subscription, the same shall be spent towards the promotion of the particular objects only.
46) To open, found, establish, promote, set up, run, maintain, arrange finance, support and/or help the various community development programs/ activities and also construct and develop the community halls, Shochalaya, Charitable Dispensaries, hospitals, libraries and other buildings/institution for use of general public and for welfare or the general public.
47) Try to maximum use of natural source like land, water, botony, develop the environment.
48) To motivate the rural people for saving scheme and create the vacancy of employment.
49) To arrange the works to develop the poor people, women and their economical situation.
50) Try to develop water level source by making Bore well, Recharge well, check-dam, bori dam.
51) Try to stop soil erosion, Plantation damage, Animal Husbandry by largest treks of technology etc.
52) To make awareness campaign above save environment, plantation by schools and give the progress.
53) Try implement awareness and co-ordination between the rural people make the society free from nuisance.
54) Run the awareness campaign about child and women development, women rights, men-women equality.
55) Try to remove wrong belief, bed habits by social movements and make the society healthy.
56) Give the knowledge to rural people to known their rights, duties, norms, panchayatraj and independent demands without any fear.
57) Motivate the rural people by street meeting, village meeting, and public contact.
58) Try to stop the child labour and flows the people village to city.
59) For develop true independent implement and organizer small scale house business, village business, husbandry, kutir udyog, cottage industry, women’s udyog and training centre, development centre, sciences laboratory.
60) Create the awareness in tribal area by co-ordination and try to develop the tribal areas.
61) Do plantation, forestation in waste land, gochar land, govt. land, and try to develop safe environment and forest.
62) Implement the society’s like’s piyat mandal, seva societies, credit society, and milk society as per peoples demand.
63) Make the agriculture development by use of wormy compost. Arrange the programmes like farmers visit to, experiment of agriculture. Provide necessity guidance to farmers about farming the herbal plants and protecting them.
64) To set up hospitals and dispensaries and provide medical treatment to the needy, poor people.
65) To do women up gradation programme, weaving centre, help to crafting, embroidery, herbal powder, churn, prickles, herbal products etc. and help to child welfare centre help to needy and widow women.
C. Publications:
66) To undertake preparation and publication of hard and soft materials including books, magazines, journals, leaflets, news papers, news magazines and periodicals, web sites, social net works and for the promotion, protection and advancement of education, research, residents etc.
D. Welfare Programmes:
67) To arrange and organize various kinds of Welfare programs e.g. Vocational Education, entertainment, games etc. for children, working men and women.
68) To do such other things / acts/ activities which are necessary and which may be incidental or conducive to the attainment of any of the object of the society.
69) To create awareness, Co-ordination, public contribution, try to develop the economical and financial position of rural people.
E. Prizes and Scholarships:
70) To give or establish prizes for excellence in the field of (a) Social services (b) human understanding (c) Scientific, technical etc., work / research for peace in the country.
71) To grant scholarships or provide financial aid to poor / meritorious students in the field of education.
72) To complete, publish and distribute or give, financial aid, in the publication of any literature for the promotion of the above objects.
73) To open branches where ever considered expedient for the promotion of above objects.
74) To promote and create opportunities for Indian classical dance and Music traditions at the performing level.
75) To use the audio-visual media for furtherance of its aims and objects.
76) To promote and revive the traditional arts and crafts of India.
77) To provide assistance and opportunities to children and young people desirous and eager to learn traditional arts, science and crafts and folk dances as a profession from best masters and professional in this field and thereby, create in them the concepts that may lead to greater growth in the field of art.
78) To promote interest in general public in Indian art, culture, music, herbal remedies, traditional remedies and thus spread this culture far and wide.
79) To compile, arrange and make ballets on social issues etc. and show them and help in raising moral character and social awareness of people.
F. Mutual Exchange:
80) To mutual exchange of artists, students and researchers collaborations with other organizations etc.
81) To develop a good teaching faculty and invite experts in the field of Indian medicinal knowledge, classical dances and promote research, documentation and dissemination on the various aspects of the study form.
82) To translate, print, publish, circulate and distribute appropriate material for distribution of useful knowledge through magazine, pamphlets or other printing mode or e publications for the development and promotion, benefit and advancement of education, research, study, music, dance etc.
83) To subscribe or give donations, financially or otherwise , to such other societies, agencies, associations or institutions who are working in the area of research, herbal medicine, ethno medicine, ethno botany, life sciences, dance and music or involved in the activities which tend to support or aid / advance the aims and objects of the TRUST.
84) To obtain or accept grants, subscriptions, fees, donations, gifts, bequests, and properties, both movable and immovable, from Governments or from any persons, for the purposes of the TRUST;
85) To undertake studies, research and surveys from time to time, to obtain feed-back on the quality of the materials developed, of the facilitation and support offered to students in their study, and on the effectiveness of all the support structures and procedures used by the institution in pursuance of its aims and objects.
86) To purchase, lease, secure by exchange or license, hire or otherwise acquire any moveable or immovable property and any interest, easement, right and privilege necessary or alter any moveable and immovable property of the TRUST and undertake such other activities as may be necessary and incidental to the objects of the TRUST.
87) To do all such other lawful acts, deeds and things as are incidental or conductive to the attainment of the above objects or any of them.
88) To provide consultancy services and to engage in model building, in close collaboration with states and a variety of other agencies or institutions.
Section 3
All the income and the assets of the TRUST shall be solely utilized and applied towards the promotion of its objects. No portion thereof shall be paid / used in any manner whatsoever to / by the present / past members of the TRUST contrary to the objects. Any amount not immediately required for the objects may be invested in deposits with banks and government bodies / companies and Bonds / Debentures of Government bodies / companies or such other modes as permitted by the applicable law to the TRUST.
The names, address, occupation and designation of the present members of the Governing Body of whom the management of the TRUST is entrusted as required under section 2 of the Societies Registration Act 1860 and Mumbai trust act 1950, as applicable to the National Capital Territory of India, are as follows:-
Sr.No. Name and Address Age(yrs) Occupation Status
Devi Villa, Danta
Ta. Danta, Dist. Banaskantha
Devi Villa, Danta
Ta. Danta, Dist. Banaskantha
Dist. Banaskantha
Devi Villa, Danta
Ta. Danta, Dist. Banaskantha
Devi Villa, Danta
Ta. Danta,