• Dhiraj Chavda V Saurashtra University


In south Gujarat region the prawn culture activity is carried out at semi-intensive to intensive level. During present investigations black gill infection has been detected in Peaneus monon at Olpad region in South Gujarat and by looking to the histopathological studies it is found that the disease was caused by fungal pathogens. Presence of fungal hyphae along with zoothamnium was found in squash mount. Histopathological and PAS changes observed in infected gills and muscles; necrosis of gill filament, infiltration of hemocytic cells, formation of melanized granulomatous mass and hypertrophy indicate the damage caused by fungal infection. During the present study hepatopancreas is also found damaged due to fungal infection; and this is further supported by change in antioxidant enzyme activities in hepatopancreas. During present study fungal infection in P. monodon resulted into significant decrease (p < 0.05) in ALP. SGOT, SGPT and SOD; except catalase, which is found to have increased significantly (p < 0.05) in hepatopancreas.

Author Biography

Dhiraj Chavda V, Saurashtra University

Marine Biologist,

Marine National Park


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