• Savita Rani CSK HPKV Palampur (HP)


The use of plants, or their primary and secondary metabolites for curing human and/ animal diseases has long being in existence in India from the ancient times. Liver injury treatments are among the most important of today’s research domains, because with every passing year there is a more acute need for liver transplants. At modern time human beings have taken many allopathic drugs, toxic influence and food hazards which lead to some form of liver disorder. That is why today’s attention is drawn to the potentials of a few miracle plants that have the ability to reduce or cure liver damage. As many as 792 species belonging to 533 genera under 156 families have been recorded in the present database on hepatoprotective and hepatocurative plants of India. Of these, category-wise statistics reveals that 1 species of the genus Parmelia belongs to lichens; 16 species of 10 genera to Pteridophytes; 6 species of 5 genera to Gymnosperms and 769 species to angiosperms of which 99 species of 69 genera are monocots and the remaining 670 species under 448 genera to 122 dicotylednous families. Their properties are used in many liver disorders, and in the recent studies they are tested for their microbiological and hepatic curative actions.

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Savita Rani, CSK HPKV Palampur (HP)

Dr. Savita Rani

Young Scientist Fellow

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CSK HPKV Palampur (HP)


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