• NAVINKUMAR K. GUPTE B. K. M. SCIENCE COLLEGE, VALSAD, GUJARAT. Corresponding author’s e-mail: drngupte@gmail.com
Keywords: Kachchh, Hamirsar, Avifauna, Birds.


Bhuj experiences low rainfall, but is blessed with a bowl-shaped topography
with a large city lake (the Hamirsar) at the lowest point, in the center of the
city, next to the walled city. A collective term for all the birds in a particular
region.  Avifauna  may  be  used  to  refer  to  birds  in  a  geographic  region  (the
Southwest),  a  habitat  region  (boreal forest),  a  political  boundary  region
(Australia)  or  even  a  time  period  (migration). Ornithologists and
conservationists  study  a  region's  avifauna  for  both  short  and  long  term
changes  that  may  indicate  population  shifts,  evolutionary  adaptations  or  the
rise or fall of threatened species. About 82 avian genera in 33 families have
been recorded with the help of honorable wildlife warden, Bhuj, Gujarat State.


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