Keywords: Sunflower, Nutrient management, Apiary, seed yield, Head diameter, Plant height.


Two sets of field experiments were conducted during the June-August months of 2012-2013 at Annamalai University of Cuddalore District under irrigated conditions to formulate site –specific nutrient management and to assess the yield  performance of sunflower +apiary farming system.The experiment consists of two main treatments; i.e. sunflower alone (M1) ,sunflower  with apiary (M2) and nine sub treatments i.e. control (S1), 100%RDF (S2), 100%RDF + Azospirillum(S3), 100%RDF+phosphobacteria(S4), 100%RDF+ vermicompost (S5), 100%RDF+ Azospirillum+ phosphobacteria(S6), 100%RDF+ Vermicompost + Azospirillum(S7), 100%RDF + vermicompost + phosphobacteria(S8), 100%RDF+ Vermicompost+ Azospirillum+phosphobacteria(S9) and it was laid out in split plot design with three replications. Highest values for seed yield and NPK uptake were observed for the combined application of all three nutrient sources of M2 treatment with apiary inclusion. Experimental results proved that sunflower crop with apiary had a more pronounced effect than the sunflower alone.

The apiary should be provided with better feeding for a longer period of time, besides the natural feeding resources. Feed consists of 500ml sugar syrup two times a week. To ward off the ants prophylactic measures with BHC 10% was below the stand on which the apiary was installed.


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